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    Elemental Jutsu


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    Elemental Jutsu Empty Elemental Jutsu

    Post  Savaki on Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:26 am

    Water Jutsu
    Genin: Water wall/Water bullet
    Chunnin: Water Slicer/ Water Vortex
    Special Jounin: Water Clone
    Jounin: Great Wave Explosion

    Fire Jutsu
    Genin: Fireball/Phoenix Flower
    Chunnin: Searing Flame / Raging Fire Blast
    Special Jounin: Dragon Flame
    Jounin: Mist fire dance

    Wind Jutsu
    Genin: Wind bullet/Dust Dance
    Chunnin: Rotating Ferocious Wind/ Blade of Wind
    Special Jounin: Air Walk
    Jounin: Powerful Wind Wave

    Earth Jutsu
    Genin: Mud Wall/Dragon Bullet
    Chunnin: Mudslide/Headhunter
    Special Jounin: Earth Clone
    Jounin: Earth Prison

    Lightning Jutsu
    Genin: Electromagnetic Murder/Thunder Ball
    Chunnin: Lightning Surge/Thunder Binding
    Special Jounin: Lightning Blade/Lightning Clone
    Jounin: Flying Thunder Dragon

    Student: Clone/Replacement/Transformation
    50 Uses: Shadow Clone/Invisibility/Infinite Transformation

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