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    Player Rules


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    Player Rules Empty Player Rules

    Post  Savaki on Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:23 pm

    1. No insulting other players- boot/mute
    2. No insulting kages or GM's-mute/jail
    3. No Safe Zone killing/No killing at training areas-jail
    4. No swearing or inappropriate language-mute
    5. No asking for ranks/GM-mute/lesser chance of getting GM if you apply
    6. No Advertising-mute/jail
    7. No Full-Capped words-mute
    8. No Bug abusing-jail/ban
    9. No Multikey killing-Ban
    10. No spam killing-Jail/Ban

    Note: Every player will be given a warning as punishment for first time breaking a rule. If this continues, the appropriate punishment will be enforced. If this continues, the player will be Banned or Ipbanned.

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