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    Kage Rules


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    Kage Rules Empty Kage Rules

    Post  Savaki on Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:27 pm

    1. Allowed only 3 Sannin/1 ANBU Captain/3 ANBU
    2. No free ranks-strip
    3. Don't abuse powers-strip
    4. Host genin and chunnin exams when needed (if over 2 students or genin)
    5. Dont teleport to GM's unless given permission
    6. Dont tele/summon kill players unless they ask to be killed
    7. Dont teleport to Org Bases
    8. Dont steal from stash items or org bases
    9. If a kage is inactive for over 5 days, they will be stripped

    Note: Player Rules and Player Punishments apply to kages as well.

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